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China Hot Tub For Sale factory

24-09-2020, Saat: 05:38 AM
1993: Guangdong Julong Group (former Jazzi Company) was established.

The founder of the group, Mr. Ken Yu, had a strong interest in sand filtration technology while studying abroad in the United States. With a deep heart in the country, he was determined to establish China's independent water treatment product brand and returned to China to officially start a business trip, which sounded the domestic manufacturers to enter the water treatment product market Horn.

1993-1995: Julong Group developed into a leading domestic swimming pool product enterprise.

Mr. Sun Yat-sen once said that if people do their best, they will do everything. Julong Group attaches great importance to talents, has cultivated a group of industry elites and technical backbones, and strives for excellence in technology. It constantly invites top experts at home and abroad to conduct in-depth exchanges, and independently develops filter sand tanks, swimming pool pumps, swimming pool equipment, massage water beds and other products. It has also taken over several large-scale domestic aquarium projects, with sales accounting for more than 80% of the domestic market, and the domestic market is booming. Break the monopoly phenomenon that foreign companies have continued for many years and promote the reform of China's water treatment product market.

1995: The business segment is extended and enters the sauna field.

Julong Group is not satisfied with the production status, and has made new heights. For the first time, it has acquired a domestic manufacturer of sauna rooms, steaming rooms and sauna equipment. The model directly opens the corresponding workshop in the factory, and sells high-quality, popular sauna rooms, steam rooms and other products to the north and south of the China.

1996: Pioneering international business, Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd was established.

Keeping pace with the times, striving for innovation, and vigorously developing foreign trade exports while stabilizing the domestic market, letting high-quality products ride the world's sails, based in Asia, and going to the world, Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd was officially established to start the overseas development journey.

1997-2000: Established the first integrated factory in Asia, including swimming pool equipment and outdoor spa, integrating R & D, production, sales and service.

The company has stood on the forefront of the courage, continuously pursues excellence, once again expanded the product field, entered the production of outdoor spa, established the first integrated factory in Asia, and further enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In the same year, several trademarks of Jazzi Spas and Jazzi Pool were registered, starting a new journey of transformation and upgrading and promoting high-quality development.

2000: Participated in the Canton Fair for the first time and officially entered the international market.

Innovation leads development, and technological achievements reap. Jazz was invited to participate in the China Import and Export Fair with a remarkable export value of 8.8 million US dollars. As the first swimming pool and spa manufacturer in China, it attracted a large number of customers and won a unique design and competitive price. Favored by batches of guests. In the same year, 10 million yuan was invested to build a plant, and the total area of the factory reached 120,000 square meters, which realized the transformation of the business model, and the project project was also developed from domestic to foreign countries.
2001: The company expanded rapidly and became the leading domestic massage spa manufacturer.

With China's accession to the WTO and the development of the foreign trade market prosperous, Jazzi Company upholds the spirit of perseverance and excellence, once again broadens the product field, acquires a mold factory, trains professional engineers in spa, hardware, injection molding, wood plastics and other product lines The workshops simultaneously produce high-quality accessories for the spa production line, and the main products are gradually transformed into massage spa, creating China's own modern massage spa brand with the highest modernization level and the most competitive strength in China.

2006: Open up the German market and build a bridgehead for the world water treatment market.

Product quality is the cornerstone to the market and the key to winning the trust of users. At the Paris exhibition, the Chinese-made massage spa was favored by German customers. After three months of negotiation and cooperation, Jazz quickly occupied 40% of the German spa market, becoming a miracle in the history of water treatment product sales.

2009: Accelerate export strategic planning to further expand the European market.

Meet market changes and be brave in quality innovation. Jazzi has reached a brand strategic cooperation with passion spa, the most famous spa brand in Europe. Since then, Jazz has produced more than 12,000 units annually and sold them to Europe and the world, accounting for 30% of the European market share. With more than 180 dealers in the European market, its status cannot be underestimated.

2010: Opening the North American market, the company's development ushered in new opportunities.

Jazzi company accumulates a little bit of improvement, towards perfect quality. At the American exhibition, the company's samples have withstood the severe test of the American HOME APPLIANCE company. After a month of hard negotiation and consultation, the two parties have determined the cooperation strategy and successfully opened the North American market.

2014: Innovative competition, building an integrated experience showroom.

Knowing that product technology innovation is the core force for future development, Jazzi Company strives to be realistic and has the courage to innovate. With an investment of over 2 million yuan, it has established a world-leading exhibition hall for pool, massage spa and swimming spa integration experience.

2015: Localization of local companies and continuous expansion of the Australian market.

Jazzi acquired wholly-owned Spa Industries and changed its name to Spa Industries Global. The company has a 24-year history of development and is Australia's most famous and powerful spa production plant. In the same year, the 23rd anniversary celebrations were held for the two companies, expanding Spa Industries Global's original 30% market share in the Australian market to 45%. The two companies have also officially entered internationalization.

2017: The process of corporate internationalization is accelerating again.

Jazzi Company set up a spa factory in New Zealand and established the silver spa brand, continuously promoted the internationalization process of the enterprise, and realized the new blueprint, new development and new future of the enterprise. The company has become one of the most powerful, largest, most comprehensive and best-serving companies in the global water treatment industry. It has created a classic of China's water treatment products, created a world-renowned brand of water treatment enterprises, and will continue to create brilliant.China Hot Tub For Sale factory

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