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design Plastic Injection Molds

19-10-2020, Saat: 11:10 AM
ADM Group has been working with BOE, Beko, KonKa, Skyworth, TCL for TV products and all different white goods products. Gas-assisted tech has been widely used for their projects, and we have been accumulating very rich experience and keeping making improvements all the time!
You can feel free to contact us to help you analyze your project feasibility and give you our most competitive offer at any time!
Gas-assisting technology can be used almost for all different kind of plastic products. For example to design and building plastic injection molds for Appliance, Automotive, Household products, Grocery products, OA products, etc..
Now there are upto 15%-20% molds can be gas-assisted technical involved, and the rate is keeping increasing.
In China, the biggest field of gas-assisted plastic injection mold is for home appliances. For example, in Japan, 90% of TV plastic parts with size above 64cm are to be formed by gas-assisted technology. While China produces around 95% of home appliances directly or indirectly for customers and end users all around the world.

Application of gas-assisted technology:
Gas-assisted mold can be used for almost all plastic materials except for those extreme soft ones and some of the thermoset plastics.
Based on different feature of the products gas-assisted technology mostly used, there are 3 main products categories included:
A) Plastic rod products ( such as handles with big thickness),
B) Plastic plate products which are easily be warped and big flat plastic parts with sectional melted plastic accumulation,
C) Special plastic products which are hard to be formed by conventional single injection processing.

Advantage by using gas-assisting technology for plastic mold:
1) Smaller clamping force is needed for same plastic part
2) Molding cycle time is shorter to form same plastic part comparing to normal single injection plastic mold
3) Reduce warping especially for big plastic plate parts.
4) Since smaller clamping force is required for same size plastic parts, it is possible to put the gas-assisted mold onto smaller injection molding machines for production. Therefore it can save plastic parts production cost.
However, the cost to design and build gas-assisted mold is higher than conventional single injection plastic mold. The cost difference is case to case. But for mass production parts with high volume, it is worthy to do the investment on good gas-assisted molds!
General Mold For Reference
Items Description
Steel for Core & cavity 1.2738HH, 1.2738H, 1.2344, S136, 8407, NAK80, SKD61, H13 etc.
Hardness of steel 36-40HRC, 48-56 HRC
Mold Base LKM&Hasco&DME standard (A,B plate 1730,2311,2312,P20 )
Cavity Single/Multi
Runner Hot/Cold Runner
Maximum Mold Size 2000*2500 mm
Surface of Mold as per customers tool specification
Plastic material PP, PC, PS, PE, PET, POM, PA,PU, PVC, ABS,HIPS, PMMA etc.
Mold Life 300,000-1,000,000 shots
Specification Depends on customer鈥檚 requirements.
Surface Treatment on cavity Polish, Plating, Texture鈥?
Trade terms DAP, DDP, CIF, CFR, FOB Shenzhen, EXW...
Export to Europe countries, USA, Mexico, Australia, Middle-east , Asia etc
Mold hot runner Synventive, Moldmaster, YUDO, etc
Mold cold runner point gate, side gate, subgate, tunnel gate, banana gate, direct gate ,etc.
Mold hot treatment quenching, nitriding, tempering, etc.
Surface finish of Part Logo print, Texture, Polishing, Painting, Chrome Plating
Lead time 4-12 weeks depends on case to case
Outside package Standard wooden cases or as your requirement
Inner package Stretch waterproof film, vacuum packing, Each Mold painted as per request,
Documents to be shipped with molds Mold operation instruction documents, Spare parts, finish electrodes, samples from last mold test, Mold inspection report, all related reports for mold inserts/cavities/cores/blocks, inspection report for samples, all related part drawings and mold drawings.
Mold cooling system water cooling, Beryllium bronze cooling, etc. design Plastic Injection Molds

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