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Quartz Countertops

27-11-2020, Saat: 06:39 AM
Our History
From 2006, this Chinese family run company provides its technological quartz products to all the world through an extensive international network of distributors and its own offices in China and the United States. The large investment in R&D made in recent years has resulted in such innovative products as the first piece of wood veining quartz and the first piece of quartz with complicated natural stone appearance in China.
Our Factory
JW is a one-stop quartz slab manufacturing factory, which owns R&D center, quarry, sand producing factory, fabrication workshop, and professional sales and customer service team. JW itself can fulfill all your requirements for quartz products.
JW has 3 manual production lines and 1 automatic production line. Generally, to ensure the effect of the natural pattern, quartz slabs with complicated vein are made by manual production line. So the manual production line is mainly used for high end products such as High Design Colors, Veining colors, and Marble Looking Colors like Calacatta, Statuario, Nero Marquina and Carrara.
The auto production line is customized for JW factory and our staff fully participated in the whole customizing process. The products from auto production line can fully meet customers' demand for low cost but high quality and output.
Our Products
With the JW Quartz assortment, we鈥檝e brought together the beauty of quartz and modern technology to create new and exciting possibilities. JW Quartz gives you more design choices for your next project. The low maintenance and durability of JW Quartz countertops make it perfect for any application, commercial or residential. Functional yet chic, that鈥檚 what JW Quartz is all about.
Within these unique series, you'll have more selection than ever before.
Marble Look Quartz
Granite Color Quartz
3D Printing Quartz
Concrete Look quartz
Besides quartz countertops, JW also introduces our Porcelain Collection- Lingbiao(LB) Porcelain slabs. This man-made, highly engineered surface material features the latest technology and offers a large selection of stunning surface designs.
JW has created a wide range of colours and textures, able to satisfy any decorative need by combining materials with different furniture and environments. JW Quartz is highly recommended for household surfaces that come into contact with fatty foods or cleaning products; Such as countertops, walls and floors in kitchens and bathrooms. Extraordinary technical properties such as hardness, strength, zero porosity and easy maintenance make the material suitable.
Our Certificate
1. ISO 9001
Bureau Veritas SA Certification to JW, that applies to the design, manufacture and marketing of agglomerated stone. This certification is a valuable asset because it demostrable our achievements and ongoing commitment to run business in a depply professional and consistent way.
The certificate issued by the Greenguard Environmental Institute ensures that JW products compliant indoor air quality with respect to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Seals are awarded Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified (Certified IAQ) and The Greenguard Children & Schools Certified (Certificate of Schools and Children鈥檚 Venues), the second is one of the most stringent in the industry.
3. NSF
NSF certification is given by the recognized U.S. agency that acts on the issuance of certificates of health, hygiene and environmental considered JW products safe material for direct contact with all food.
Production Equipment
JW has a production base of 330,000 square meters. It is equipped with 1 advanced automatic production line and 3 manual production lines, 10 quartz sand production lines, 6 sets of automatic polishing machines, 2 water knife cutting machines and other post-processing CNC equipment.
Production Market
JW is one of the Top3 quartz slab producers in China. The Annual production is more than 800,000 sqm and JW quartz products are sold to more than 30 countries in the world.
Our Service
鈼廍xcellent R&D ability
JW has its own R&D Center. Our designers travel the world to gather insight and inspiration, keeping up to date with emerging technological innovations and interior design trends. We can customize quartz for our customer and it only takes 7 work days. Besides, JW also fabricates cut-to-size countertops to our customers. For the fabrication process, we can do the cutting,drilling,edging and laminating based on our customers鈥?drawing.
鈼廠elect Raw Material Several Times
In order to get good marital , we will select our quartz sand three times. First we will classify the big pieces of quartz stone, and then break it into many small pieces. Next the moving belt feeds small pieces stone into the quartz processing machine, and during this process our workers will select the obvious impurities manually to ensure the purity of the quartz stone. Finally, the processing equipment is equipped with 4 German magnetic selectors to remove the iron impurities and 4 high sensitiveness color selectors to remove the colored impurities.
By this procedure,we can get quartz sand with high purity and then through the electric sieve shakers we can get quartz sand with different mesh numbers
鈼廠trict Quality Control
JW signs a quality standard with every customer to control the quality. Each quartz slab will be checked by at least 4 female workers to make sure it meet the quality standard.
鈼廈est Customer Service
JW owns a professional team to provide one-to one service to our customers, we commit that all the emails will be replied with in 24h, all the problem will be solved within 72h. All the quality loss can be compensated at 100% and all of our products have 15 year鈥檚 Limited Warranty.Quartz Countertops

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